If you desire to parent your child, our staff can guide you. Nightlight Christian Adoptions can point you to various resources to be able to do this. Nightlight believes all mothers who have a desire to raise their babies should be able to do so. Nightlight is eager to assist you in the God-given endeavor of raising your child.


If you have come to the realization that, though you can give your child “love”, you cannot support the needs of your child in raising him, then Nightlight has families that are ready to provide love and stability and to raise your child up in a Christian family according to Biblical principles. Nightlight can provide you with profiles of adoptive families who have been thoroughly screened and are longing to embrace a child into their home. You have the option of choosing the adoptive family for your child.  Keep in mind that you can choose an open adoption, meaning you will have future contact with the adoptive family, and will be able to make the decision about who adopts your child.

Text or Call Allison: 918-402-0765 or email [email protected]