Nightlight is Hague Accredited

Hague is formally known as the Intercounty Adoption Act of 2000. The purpose of Hague is “To provide for implementation by the United States of the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercounty Adoption.” (Source:

As a Hague Accredited Adoption Agency, Nightlight is committed to the protection of children, birth families, and adoptive families while helping to reduce child trafficking by adhering to the strict standards for international adoptions.

The Hague act also authorizes U.S. adoption service providers to provide services for Convention adoptions only if they have been Convention-accredited or -approved.

Nightlight is fully accredited by Hague and that means that you can be sure that all of our services are compliant with all applicable laws and keeps the best interests of the child.

Nightlight desires to operate and conduct business with integrity and transparency. This agency recognizes the right of any birth parent, prospective adoptive parent, or adoptee to lodge a complaint or appeal about any of the services or activities of the agency that he or she believes are inconsistent with state and federal laws and regulations and standards of accreditation that apply to the agency.

For More information on Hague Accreditation and Approval visit the Council On Accreditation website.