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“What is a Redeemed Adoption?”

A Redeemed Adoption is a successful final placement when there has previously been a disrupted or dissolved adoption of a child. Calls from around the country come in to Nightlight’s office daily from parents or agencies seeking a Forever Family for a child that was not properly matched in their original adoptive family.

“About the Program”

Adoption is a beautiful act of God’s unconditional love for orphans. Children are adopted from around the world into homes of those who have a dream of adding to their family. Unfortunately, in some cases, as time goes by, it is discovered that the family and child are not a good match.
At Nightlight, the goal is to first try to counsel the family for reunification. When this is not successful, our dedicated team gathers information and begins a search within the church community in an attempt to find a good match.
There are many success stories of children and families that have connected through Redeemed Adoptions.
The Redeemed Program includes older children who are 6 years old and older.
If you feel the Lord is calling you to adopt an older child, please contact Nightlight for more information on Redeemed Adoptions.

“Become a Transitional Care Family”

We are looking for families who would be willing to take in and love these older children as we transition them into their Forever Family. The time frame for transitional care varies from child to child for a maximum of 90 days unless otherwise specified by the agency.
Our team will be available to answer questions and provide assistance as needed.

You may use this link to inquire, or call our office at (502)423-5780