You may want to give your baby life but cannot raise your baby yourself. If your desire is to provide the best for your baby but feel this will be by placing your child with a loving adoptive family, we will help you to do this.

Considering Adoption

You can choose the family for your baby. There are many godly Christian families who would love the chance to raise and nurture your baby in the love of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that God has a Father’s heart for adoption and calls adoption a blessing.

We can help you create an adoption plan and present you with family profiles of qualified Christian families. You may choose the family for your baby. If you choose adoption, it does not mean you have lost contact with your baby. You can choose an open adoption and keep in contact with your child through cards and letters and pictures. We can help you to feel confident that you have made the right decisions and have done what is in the best interest for both yourself and your baby.

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