“I can tell you that I have nothing but positive thoughts about the entire process of my adoption with Embraced by Grace. I entered this process with fear about adoption and fear for my daughter. The worker for Embraced by Grace went out of her way to come to my home and meet me, I immediately felt like my daughter was in good hands and that Embraced by Grace was professional as well as down to earth. The staff gave me rides to the doctors office if I needed it and made sure that I had all I needed. After my delivery the staff at EBG continued to help by providing counseling after the adoption was final.

Embraced by Grace went out of their way to make, not only me comfortable throughout the adoption process but to also pair me with the perfect family. I feel truly blessed to have met these people and will always love them for what they did for me. I still go through hardships to this day and have them by my side a year later. I know that your experience will be just as good as mine has been.”