Is it ever too late?

Michael was one of thirteen children by a mother who was a crack cocaine addict. He didn’t know his birthday. He didn’t know his father. He wasn’t even sure if Michael was his real name. Every day’s goal was mere survival. He had attended eleven different schools by the time he was fifteen years […]

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Adoption Story of a Sweet Baby Boy

The adoption story of our little Mason began when Michael and I were at the dawn of our married life. Because of a diagnoses of Type 1 Diabetes before we were married, Michael and I knew that it would put me at great risk to carry a child for nine months. We began to […]

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A child needs you

Imagine a church, just before a wedding is about to begin. Everything is in place, and everyone is in place. Pan to the first rows reserved for the bride or groom’s family and you’ll see they are empty. No parents, no brothers or sisters, no aunts & uncles, no nieces or nephews, and no […]

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